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Junior Climbers

Climbing with Children at Mile End

We aim to encourage all young people into the sport at all levels. Unfortunately we can only accept young people aged 8 or over onto any of our supervised sessions.

However, adults (over 18) can supervise a maximum of 2 children within the centre with no lower age limit. This rule applies regardless of whether the adult is themselves climbing.

The adult needs to be a registered member of Mile End, and needs to fill in a supervision form before starting to climb

The children will be under the supervision of the adult at all times within the centre and no formal instruction will be given by Mile End Staff or Instructors.

Climbing is undertaken at the supervising adults' own risk.

Please note: There are 2 main styles of climbing here at Mile End Climbing Wall;

1. Roped Climbing - This involves the use of technical equipment (ropes, harnessess, belay devices etc.) Parents can only supervise children on ropes if the parent/supervising adult themselves knows how to use all the appropriate systems and has been registered at the centre as a climber.

2. Bouldering - This is climbing without ropes. It takes place above mats and any fall will result in the climber hitting the mats/floor. The presence of matting does not reduce the risk of injury. Any parent/supervising adult who is not a climber and who therefore does not no how to use the technical equipment will only be able to supervise children in the activity of 'Bouldering'.

All Parents / Supervising adults should read and be aware of the British Mountaineering Councils Participation Statement

Participation Statement

The mountaineering councils recognise that climbing is an activity with a danger of personal injury or death. Parents and participants in these activites should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their actions and involvement.


The price below is for adults registering for the first time to supervise junior climbers:

£14 per adult  (this applies regardless of whether the adult is climbing or only supervising) plus £5 per supervised young person.

The price below is for adults who have been before and are already registered:

If the adult is supervising but NOT climbing the cost is simply £5 per supervised young person.

If the adult is supervising and also wants to climb the cost is £5 per supervised young person plus the stanard £8.50 entry fee for the adult.

Please Note: Any group consisting of more than 2 adults and 4 supervised children (2 per adult) is considered too large for entry to the wall. Groups of this nature will only be allowed to climb if they have pre-booked an Instructor (please note this is only possible where the children are aged 8 or older).

If you are unsure please contact the centre on 020 89800289 or 

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