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Bouldering Improvers Course


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This course is designed for climbers who have limited experience of bouldering. It's perfect for anyone who's done our Introduction to Bouldering Course and wants to progress.  This Bouldering Improvers Course will help you avoid many of the pitfalls that hinder progress and will give you the knowledge and technique to train and climb effective.

Please Note that this course is strictly for people aged 18 or older.

The cost of the course includes a 30 day unlimited use pass worth £50

Each of the three 1½ hour sessions is designed to address different aspects:

Week 1 - Back to Basics
Essential climbing skills and an introduction to the principles of training: types of holds and how to hold them, footwork (inside and outside edges, foot placement, foot swaps, smearing), body position, efficient movement,  balance, stability triangles, warming up, warming down, stretching.

Week 2 - Problems and Solutions
Exploring personal strengths and weaknesses and using problem setting and solving as a tool for development. An introduction to dynamics, transition of weight, a more detailed study of foot placement, and steep ground.

Week 3 - Consolidation
Advanced footwork (toe/heel hooks, flagging), understanding momentum. Learning to structure sessions in terms of your activity and recovery balance. Putting things into context and looking to the outdoors for inspiration.

Availablity - Choose from the list of dates below (please note that the date shown is the start date. The other sessions run at the same time on the next two consecutive weeks)

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Latest Reviews

Went well: Very good coach, fun and helpful course Improve: spread over four weeks and give more time to practice on real routes
12th April 2019

What a brilliant course! Carlos was awesome and taught us very useful techniques. He kept it challenging and fun the entire time but without making it impossible. It was quite rewarding to practise the movements and techniques in boulder problems around the Center and manage to solve them. Thank you, Carlos!
11th April 2019

I thought the course had a lot of useful content and was very well taught, and my climbing has improved notably. I found the personal support around tackling problems really helpful and if anything I would have liked the course to have been a week or two longer to have more time for this.
13th March 2019

Friendly instructors. Liked the small group size. Instructors gave personalised advice and demonstrations on how how to improve climbing technique. Plenty of climbing real routes outside of the training room. Can’t think of any improvements.
24th December 2018

Overall I found the content quite similar to the 'Introduction to bouldering'. I guess with 'bouldering improvers' I had anticipated some different/more advanced content. Perhaps this is due to a restructuring of the courses you offer... It was a good recap nonetheless and the instructors were all excellent so overall very happy with the course. Some of the exercises for developing specific techniques were great. The fact that it comes with a 1 month entry is also a significant benefit of signing up for this course.
2nd December 2018

Really enjoyed the course and I learned a lot. All 3 instructors were friendly and experienced. The class was quite varied in ability but it was dealt with very well by the instructors Having 3 different instructors meant that at the start of each lesson we spent more time than necessary recapping what everyone knew. All in all I really enjoyed it and will look to do the intermediary course next
5th September 2018

Amazing course! Thanks Carlos! What could you improve? Run more courses!
16th July 2018

Felt a little ignored in our first lesson with the teacher focusing more on the better, more confident, male climbers - but things were much better by the end.
6th July 2018

Great course with very friendly and helpful instructors. I will prefer it is the course took place earlier during the day.
29th May 2018