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Mountain Training England provider James Hewson  in conjunction with Mile End Climbing Wall is offering the opportunity to participate in a Mountain leader Instructor Assessment course.

The Mountain Leader Award (ML) was established to promote the safe enjoyment of the hills and mountains. The assessment covers the technical and group management skills required by those who wish to lead groups in the mountains, hills and moorlands of the United Kingdom and Ireland, other than in winter conditions. It integrates experience and assessment in a variety of testing conditions in mountainous country.

Course Requirements:

Before you book onto a Mountain Leader assessment, make sure you have done the following:

  • You must have attended a Mountain Leader training course (or have been granted exemption)
  • You must be familiar with the syllabus
  • You must have logged a minimum of 40 Quality Mountain Days in three different regions of the UK and Ireland
  • You must hold a current first aid certificate, minimum 16 hours and relevant to your work as a Mountain Leader
  • You must have logged at least 8 nights camping, including at least 4 nights wild camping

The Mountain Leader assessment is 5 days long and includes a two night expedition. 

Prior to attending an assessment course candidates must have experienced an absolute minimum of forty quality mountain days. They should aim for maximum variety within these forty days. This experience should be gained in at least three different regions of the UK and Ireland and should include at least eight nights camping, at least four nights of which should be wild camping.

During the period between training and assessment, candidates are expected to gain personal experience in mountain areas. This should preferably include some practice in leading parties in easy hill country. Working under the guidance of a suitably experienced leader in more difficult terrain is also recommended. Every opportunity should be taken to practise the skills learned during training.

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