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Latest Reviews

Coming back after lock-down is bloody hard. Next time, please can you turn gravity down a couple of notches?
30th July 2020

Good hand washing facilities. Plenty of space. Not sure that sanitising in-between climbs is practical due to chalk which would have to be washed off?
30th July 2020

All went smoothly, awesome job !
30th July 2020

All really good and felt really safe. Would be ace to get lead climbing back soon too! Thanks.
30th July 2020

You're all doing great in a tough situation as far as I can see.
30th July 2020

lovely to be back!
30th July 2020

Very organised, felt safely able to maintain social distancing. didn't feel to anxious
29th July 2020

The staff were nice and helpful and friendly and not too strict. Wasn’t very busy and there was plenty of space. Excellent!!
28th July 2020