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Mile End Blog

Blog - Routesetting

Bloc Party

The Secret Garden Bloc was reset yesterday and by 7 o'clock the graden was packed with people trying the new problems! Great to see so many people getting involved with the top outs, and the different angles and climbing style out there. The slab will be reset tomorrow, meaning that alongside new resets on trackside and the outside traverse last week, the whole garden has now been reset. The next reset for the Bloc and Slab has been sceduled for 24/25 April and will open in conjunction with Tour Du Bloc. There will be another blog with all the details for this event next week. Also look out for the posters coming soon! The Ropebay is due to be reset Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th and the Karma Roof Thursday 6th March

Posted by Alex Lemel on 26th February 2014

Blog - News

Rope Bay Re-furb

The second half of the Rope Bay re-furbishment is coming along nicely. Simon and the gang at Karma have been working hard on the last 2 sections of wall to be rebuilt. The building work will be finished by the end of next week allowing Monday 3rd & Tuesday 4th of March for some major routesetting to take place.

Thanks for bearing with us while the Rope Bay is closed. We will have it open on the evening of Tuesday 4th March with everything finshed and some schorching new routes.

Posted by Dean Straw on 22nd February 2014

Blog - Squad

Blokfest. The Depot, Nottingham

Fourth round of Blokfest took place at the beginning of the 2014 year all the way in Nottingham with Maisie' s 24th position and Laura’s 27th position in Senior Female category, Morag’s 11th position and Magan S’s 23rd position in under 16 female category, James’ 43rd position in Senior Male category, Callum’s 31st position and Isaac’s 35th position in under 16 male category. The last round of Blokfest is only a couple of days away.


Posted by michal on 14th February 2014

Blog - Routesetting

Rise Of The Rope Bay

The first half of the rope bay has been refurbished and is looking good. The new section at the back end has some great new angles and a new paint job on the left hand side has brought it up to date. That leaves the small featured buttress and the yellow lead wall and small roof section next to it. Work on these sections will begin on Monday 17th February and will take 2 weeks to complete, with route setting scheduled for 3/4th March. After this you will have a new lead wall with arete/prow and the featured buttress will be replaced with some beginner friendly angles.

On the setting side of things, over the past few weeks we have re-set the Wave, Playground and Cave. This week we will be re-setting the Monkey Room and HAW and next week the Prow and Peggy Day.This leaves just the secret garden Bloc and Slab, Trackside and Traverse. IRATA will be out of the area from Monday 17th February so setting out there will be scheduled for that week and the next. Keep and eye on the route setting notice board in the main room for the exact dates. 

Posted by Alex Lemel on 05th February 2014

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