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Tour Du Bloc

Tour Du Bloc our brand new competition event starts here at the wall this Friday 25th April 6 - 9pm. There will be BBQ food for all participants as well as spot prizes on the night.

Please note: In preperation for the competition, the outdoor slab and Bloc will be completely closed all day Thursday & Friday. They will  open at 6pm on Friday for the event to start.

Posted by Dean Straw on 22nd April 2014

Blog - Squad

BMC Youth Climbing Series

London Final of BMC Youth Climbing Series took place at the end of March at The Castle Climbing Centre with Callum’s 7th position with only one point behind 5th and 6th position. Unlucky, he didn’t qualify to the National Grand Final at EICA this year but he’s already training harder to get there the following year. Here are his thoughts about all rounds:

"Recently I took part in the BMC youth series competition. Just the thought of it was quite intimidating! Such a big organisation, new style of competition, it's safe to say it was quite a challenge. I was very nervous for the first round as I didn't know what any of it was going to be like, but with great support from Gordon, my coach, the whole experience was a lot more enjoyable and manageable. By the second round I was lot more relaxed about it.... Until I saw my climbs! But yet again my coach, this time Mike, pulled through and helped me through it with superb instruction! On to the London finals!
I really had to put on my A game here as it was the best of the best competing, no room for error and after some detailed route reading and scary beta from the other climbers, I engaged every muscle in my body and hauled myself up the climbs. These were the hardest in the series at around F7a-b and sadly time was not on my side, nor was my height (or lack off it!).Sadly I did not make the national finals but I still feel that I did the best that I could have done. So hopefully with some more of Mike's strenuous training plans I will be even stronger for the series next year!
Lastly I would just like to say a big thanks to Mike and Gordon for coming with me to the competition and for all their enthusiasm and hard work. Without them I would not even have made it past the first round!"

Blokfest is over for this year as well, with Morag’s 13th overall position and being the most improved in under 16 female category. Well done Morag.  Also Megan S’s 17th overall position and Megan P’s 26th position in under 16 female category, Maisie’s 12th overall position and Laura’s 18th overall position in female senior category, Callum’s 23rd overall position in under 16 male category, James’ 25th position in male senior category.

Posted by michal on 04th April 2014

Blog - News

Secret Garden Closure

A number of people have asked us to publish the dates when the Secret Garden area is closed due to courses taking place in there, so here goes.

Please Note - The Secret Garden (slab & Bloc area) will be closed until 5pm for public climbing on the following dates.

31st March - 4th April

7th - 11th April

28th April - 2nd May

5th - 9th May

2nd - 6th June

9th - 13th June

30th June - 4th July

7th - 11th July

28th July - 1st August

4th - 8th August

1st - 5th September

8th - 12th September

29th September - 3rd October

6th - 10th October

3rd - 7th November

10th - 14th November

1st - 5th December

8th - 12th December

We hope this helps.

Posted by Dean Straw on 02nd April 2014

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