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Junior Climbers

Unsupervised Junior Climbers

From the age of 14, experienced junior climbers are entitled to register as full users of the centre. Please check the price list for our current charges. Before registration is granted, the young person's skills will be assessed by a short test. Junior climbers will be required to demonstrate that they can:

  • Safely and correctly put on a climbing harness.
  • Tie the rope onto the harness with a suitable knot.
  • Belay suitably.
  • Show an awareness of the rules and inherent dangers associated with the sport and the centre.

Please Note: You must contact the centre before turning up for a test. If you turn up without contacting us first we cannot guarantee that an instructor will be available for the test and you may be refused entry.

Please Note: Each young person MUST have a consent formed signed by their LEGAL parent or guardian (not a nanny, child minder, friends etc.) Young people without this consent will not be allowed to climb. 

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Need help getting into climbing? Read our getting started guide for everything you need to know.

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