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Statement of Youth Competition

Statement of Youth


Mile End Climbing Wall, Rock On and La Sportiva are proud to present Statement of Youth, a team bouldering competition exclusively for young climbers.

The date:       6th June 2020

Venue:           Mile End Climbing Wall

Categories:   There are two categories: 8-12yrs and 12-16yrs

Team size:     Each team must consist of 4 people

Times:            8-12yrs* - the comp for this age group starts at 10:00                            and finishes at 13:00. There will be 25 boulders set by                          BMC YCS setters.

                        This age group will not participate in finals. The results                          and prizes will be announced around 13:30.

                        12-16yrs**- the comp for this age group starts at                                    14:00 and finishes at 17:00. There will be 25 boulders                          set by BMC YCS setters.

                        There will be finals for the top 5 teams in this age                                  group.

                        The finals will take place on the competition wall from                            18:00 and it is envisaged that the finals will be finished                          by 19:00.

                        We advise that teams bring their coach (if applicable)                            as the finals are team focussed and input from                                      coaches is actively encouraged.

Prizes:            There will be prizes for the top 3 teams in both age                                categories.

To book, simply click on your age category on the right hand side of this page.

If you have any questions, please email carlos@mileendwall.org.uk


* The maximum combined age is 42 years.

** The maximum combined age is 56 years, and a minimum of 2 female team members.