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Bouldering Improvers Course


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This course is designed for climbers who have limited experience of bouldering. It's perfect for anyone who's done our Introduction to Bouldering Course and wants to progress.  This Bouldering Improvers Course will help you avoid many of the pitfalls that hinder progress and will give you the knowledge and technique to train and climb effective.

Please Note that this course is strictly for people aged 18 or older.

The cost of the course includes a 30 day unlimited use pass worth £55

Each of the three 1½ hour sessions is designed to address different aspects:

Week 1 - Slabs, footwork, weight transfer
Essential climbing skills and an introduction to the principles of training: types of holds and how to hold them, footwork (inside and outside edges, foot placement, foot swaps, smearing), body position, efficient movement,  balance, warming up, warming down, stretching.

Week 2 - Corners, laybacks, route reading
Exploring personal strengths and weaknesses and using problem setting and solving as a tool for development. Route reading: orientation of holds, sequencing, dancing moves, identifying crux. Corners - exploring 'base of support', palming and bridging. Aretes - layback and flagging as a main techinques. 

Week 3 - Efficiency on overhangs and consolidation
Advanced footwork (toe/heel hooks, flagging). Learning to structure sessions in terms of your activity and recovery balance. Putting things into context and looking to the outdoors for inspiration.

Availablity - Choose from the list of dates below (please note that the date shown is the start date. The other sessions run at the same time on the next two consecutive weeks)

Special conditions - Please be aware that this course is a comprehensive 3 week course. If you miss any of the sessions you will not be allowed to join the rest of the course, as this interrupts the teaching / learning process for the rest of the participants. If for whatever reason you think you may miss any of the sessions please contact us and we will try to organise a catch up lesson (instructor permiting) at an extra cost. 

Please note that the free month of climbing starts on the day of Lesson 1 and cannot be frozen, changed or moved.

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Latest Reviews

There were only women so it was comfortable to climb It was very supportive and easy to understand
23rd November 2021

Being able to start each session in the teaching room was great, as it enabled us to warm up, practice moves & build confidence without being in the way/around other climbers. Georgia is a fantastic teacher, really calm and encouraging, imparting information at a rate that is easy to take in and then practice. Having the months worth of climbing time alongside the sessions is really great, as it encourages you to practice what you’ve learnt at each session between classes. It’s also a great way to meet other people who are at similar levels to yourself and make some climbing friends!
3rd November 2021

I really liked the course. Very helpful to learn the basics and very good teacher. Probably it is too short. I would like to have a longer course, because it is nice to try with other people and have a coach helping you to improve.
3rd November 2021

Perhaps more reinforcement materials... weekly notes etc
3rd March 2020

Everything was great!! Our instructor was so helpful and encouraging, and I feel my climbing has really improved as a result.
2nd March 2020

Really enjoyed it! Friendly and helpful instructor, really appreciated being able to start in the training room and then getting to learn how to use each other wall / space. Lovely atmosphere at the centre, would love to do another course with you guys :)
29th February 2020

It was really great - I have no complaints! Nick and Georgia were really helpful and I feel I significantly improved over the three sessions.
13th February 2020

Nice instructors, great place. Not sure this course was for me though. I think explaining a bit more what this course is about would be great. Some things seemed really simple and other really hard. Maybe having some kind of level would made the all experience a bit more enjoyable and it would be easier to learn from it.
10th February 2020

I loved it, kind of liked having a variety of instructors! I also would love a list of all the techniques, it’s hard to remember it all!
6th February 2020