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Climbing with Children at Mile End

In order to supervise children in our centre, we require that adults have a good understanding of indoor climbing.

For this reason, only customers who are registered with us as 'competent climbers'* or 'competent boulderers' are able to supervise children.

'Competent Climbers'* are able to supervise children when climbing on ropes and when bouldering.

'Competent Boulderers' must have completed our Introduction to Bouldering Course, are only able to supervise children when bouldering.

*competent climbers are people able to fit harnesses, tie in with a suitable knot and belay a climber.

People who do not meet these criteria are unable to supervise children at Mile End Climbing Wall.

For information on how to become a competent climber, click here.

For information on how to become a competent boulderer, click here.

The details:

  • a child is anyone under the age of 18
  • the supervising adult must complete a supervision form when signing in
  • one adult may supervise two children (regardless of whether those children are climbing)
  • the supervising adult may not climb
  • only one child is allowed on the climbing surfaces at any one time
  • the supervising adult must stay with the child/children throughout the centre at all times
  • the supervising adult is required to be attentive when a child is climbing, spotting the child when necessary
  • no instruction will be provided by the centre
  • the supervising adult is responsible for the safety of the child/children, as well as their good behaviour

Please note that our centre is a facility designed for adults and only our Teaching Room is suitable for very small children. This room is used extensively by our instructors, particularly at weekends, and we cannot guarantee its availability however we try to keep it free at weekends between 13:30 - 14:40 for public use.

If you wish to climb as well as supervise your child/children, a second supervising adult is required. Our 'one on the wall' policy still applies (see above).

Please note that we cannot accommodate large groups without advanced booking. Any group consisting of more than 2 adults and 4 supervised children (2 per adult) is considered too large for entry to the wall. Groups of this size must book instruction in advance. (The minimum age for children is 7 years when under instruction.)

Supervise your children: become a competent climber

Roped Climbing for Beginners provides the ideal introduction course to climbing of indoors and will equip you with a level of knowledge that allows safe use of our centre when supervising children. It will teach you how to use basic rope systems, and introduce you to skills that should enable you to meet the entry standards of most climbing centres in the UK. Click the following for more information:

Roped Climbing for Beginners

Supervise your children: become a competent boulderer

Our Introduction to Bouldering course provides the ideal introduction to bouldering at Mile End Climbing Wall. Bouldering is climbing without ropes above crash matting, and is the simplest and most accessible form of climbing. This short, comprehensive introduction course will equip you with a level of knowledge that allows safe use of our centre when supervising children whilst bouldering. Click the following for more information:

Introduction to Bouldering

All parents / supervising adults should read and be aware of the British Mountaineering Council's Participation Statement:

The mountaineering councils recognise that climbing is an activity with a danger of personal injury or death. Parents and participants in these activites should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their actions and involvement.


Adults registering for the first time to supervise children:

 -  £5 per supervising adult (one off first time registration)

 -  £6.20 per supervised child

Adults who have been before and are already registered:

 -  £6.20 per supervised child

If you have any questions, please contact the centre on 0208 980 0289 or