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Indoor Leading


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This course is for climbers who want to get on the sharp end of a rope and lead their first indoor route. Leading any route carries risk - under careful guidance, learn best practice to control and minimise them. Our experienced instructors will help you master the principles:

  • belaying
  • clipping
  • falling
  • identifying hazards (groundfalls, back-clipping, Z-clipping) and how to resolve them


Your instructor will also give you an in-depth guide to the equipment and the seemingly endless variations when it comes to belay devices, ropes, quickdraws, harness and slings.


This course is 6 hours long with a ½ hour break. Please check times when booking.

Please note - this course is only suitable for experienced top rope climbers with current belaying/top rope climbing experience (e.g. someone who has completed a beginners course and has consolidated their skills). Anyone without this level of competence will not be able to take part.

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Latest Reviews

Generally a great course. Learnt a lot, the instructor was fantastic.
25th February 2019

Great atmosphere, great coaching. Day went so quickly didn't even realise. Great day at MECW. Very detailed caourse, very professional with ton of fun as well. Highly recommended!!!! Wouldn't change a thing ! Thanks Jakub
5th November 2018

Spot on the instructor. Obviously is a person with lot of years of experience and passion for what he is doing. I wish the course would be longer for two reason. The first one, it is the fact the course has a decent amount of content, for that reason more hours allow to teach more aspects of lead climbing and also allows to stop on spefics topics if someone hasn't fully understood that bit. On the hand, I believe more hours would allow to practice and that way build the confidence and spot mistakes. I would like to suggest having a lead improver session, the way you do with the top improver session. I think it will act favourably on both sides, since it will get more regular customer to the climbing wall and people will get the chance to find a partner for lead climbing and practicing under the eye of highly trained staff.
2nd June 2018

Very clear instructions and individual approach for a group course which was great. Would be nicr if after the session there would have been time time to still do stuff, but the center was closing.
8th April 2018

Excellent pace, comprehensive explanations. Lots of practice and attentive teaching. A slightly longer course with a little more time to practice un-backed-up leading, and a slightly longer break would be my only ideas for improvement. Thanks.
18th February 2018

This was an excellent course. There was a good balance of technical information and practical application. The instruction was clear and thorough. Nicole was great at spotting mistakes and correcting quickly. Also very rigorous checking of knots and general technique. I learned a lot and enjoyed myself.
19th November 2017

The course and then instruction were great, both enjoyable and informative. Thanks
28th October 2017

Loved this class! The instructor was very friendly, answered all our questions, gave us a lot of useful advices on how to ensure our safety at all times. Highly recommended!!
28th October 2017

It was really great. We had Anna as an instructor and she was super enthusiastic, patient and detailed. I enjoyed it and look forward to practicing.
10th September 2017