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Intro to Competition Climbing


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Curious about competition style climbing or want to get better results when climbing comp style blocs in general? Then our new Intro to Competition Climbing course could be just for you!

Each course runs for 1.5 hours and can accomodate maximum of 4 climbers. *(this session is aimed at all climbers who have a basic undertanding of climbing techniques - but you will benefit the most if you can climb grades V2 or above)

Following a suitable warm up the course will focus on an overview of competition style climbing and the techniques / knowledge needed to conquer the variety of blocs the Comp Wall has to offer, including (but not limited to):

  • double clutch
  • flagging
  • drop knees
  • heel hooks
  • gastons

Your coach will also provide all the info you need to understand the world of competition climbing including an overview of grading, rules and route-reading. 

All you need to bring is your climbing shoes and chalk along with some suitable clothing (our competition wall is technically outside and it can get chilly so make sure you have a hoodie or clothing that will keep you warm while on the ground).

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