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Introduction to Bouldering


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Introduction to Bouldering

If you're not sure what bouldering is, it's climbing without the aid of ropes and harnesses above impact matting. It's the most accessible form of climbing and because of this more and more opportunities for partaking in bouldering are springing up all over the place.

This course is the perfect introduction to this growing area of our sport and will provide you with all you need to know to begin your climbing journey.

During this 1.5hr course our nationally qualified coach will take you through the very basics of bouldering as well as giving you a comprehensive tour of our facilities.

What will I learn?

  • How to warm up
  • Bouldering do’s and don’ts
  • Safe descent
  • Bouldering ettiquette
  • Landing good practice
  • Basics of bouldering movement techniques

Who can take part?

Please Note that this course is strictly for people aged 14 or older (parents of under 18's will need to contact the centre for the correct paperwork before their child can take part in this course). Under 18's who turn up for the course without the correct forms will not be allowed to climb and no refunds will be given.

What do I need to bring?

Climbing shoes are included.  You just need to bring a £1 (refundable) for a locker and a bottle of water (or buy one when you get here).

What Should I Wear?

Basic gym wear is best. Please note that climbing walls get really hot in summer and a freezing in winter so dress appropriately.

How Much does It Cost?

The 90-minute session costs just £25.00

After your introductory session you can come back and boulder from £7.50 (off-peak).

When do the sessions run?

There are always sessions on Saturday and Sunday straight after our Roped Climbing for Beginners course. We also run Introduction to Bouldering courses on weekday evenings. Please see the below for available dates and times.

What Can I Do After?

If there's time you can continue bouldering after the session. If not you’ll be able to come back and boulder with us whenever you like.

You will also be able to supervise children bouldering (maximum 2) in the centre after completing this course.

You could book one of our Boudering Improver courses or you can book a private session with a coach.

There’s even an option to learn top roping with our Roped Climbing for Beginners Course. You’re simply spoilt for choice!

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Latest Reviews

Everything was great, excellent instruction and great facility, loved it! Thanks, Ed, for the great tuition!
17th October 2018

Tom was a great instructor, tailored the lesson to the ability of the students, although important to warm up not too much time spent on the mat before starting climbing. He was approachable and happy to answer questions. Good value as it includes registration, equipment hire & unlimited climbing after course ends. Recommended.
15th October 2018

tom is a great teacher :)
14th October 2018

There were only 2 of us on the course, so it was really well tailored to our specific level and needs. The instructor was very good and describing and demonstrating techniques, as well as being really friendly and encouraging!
14th October 2018

instructor was excellent
7th October 2018

It was great , enjoyd it a lot !
30th September 2018

Update: I am completely satisfied with the way the management addressed the issue above. They explained and apologised, and rectified the info on the website. I now feel confident and I have tried another course that was actually excellent and run very smoothly. I will definitely be coming back.
23rd September 2018

I felt the instructor was a good climber, but wasn't really sure what she was supposed to be teaching. She surely didn't lack experience, but she seemed unease and confused at times. We were only 2 people so I felt I could have had more detailed instructions and feedback on my specific technique, rather than general input. At the end the instructor admitted that we were the first students she thought this to, that all the courses had been reshuffled and that they didn't really know what was going on. That's why she needed a paper to read from and I guess looked a bit lost? This made me understand the reasons, but didn't make me feel satisfied. Also, 2 instructors suggested to take the Level 1 Bouldering course for more instructions, though I kept on insisting I didn't find such course on the website, but they were adamant it existed. It turns out that when I open the "bouldering improvers course" it is actually called Level 1 Bouldering in the text, and it offers a more in-depth introduction, apparently also suitable for beginners, which could never be deducted by the (new?) title of the course "Improvers"-which seems to me to refer to people that also have experience, and that is why I didn't look it up. I have reserved a roping course for next week, but at this point I would like to exchange it with the "improvers bouldering" course instead, and I feel the cost of it should be covered by the money I have already paid for the bouldering introduction course (which I don't feel was worth the £25), and rope introduction course. I would appreciate if you could contact me regarding this asap. Kind regards
16th September 2018