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NICAS Level 4 prep Course


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This 10 week course is specifically designed for those young people planning on doing their NICAS Level 4 award.

Before joining a Level 4 group all young people must complete this 10 week course on how to lead climb safely and confidently indoors. It will provide all the information and skills to be able to move seamlessly onto the Level 4 syllabus.

The courses run at the following times:

Fraiday 5:00-6:30pm

The Next NICAS Level 4 prep Course will start on

Friday 17th January 2020


They run for 10 sessions on the same day and time each week

There are no sessions on 

21st Feb


The final (assessment) session is on   

27th March

           Please note: full attendance is required and anyone who misses the assessment will be unable to pass the course.

The young people will learn different elements of the syllabus each week and have an assessment on the final session

The duration for each session is 1.5 hours
The cost for a space on the 10 week course is £150
All equipment is provided


Q. What are the requirements for this course?

A. To do this course, young people must have completed Level 3 NICAS

Q. How long does the course run for?

A. There are 10 sessions of 1.5hrs duration and it is a requirement of the course that young people will attend every session.

Q. What happens if my child misses a session(s)?

A. It is important that your child is present at all the sessions. If any are missed your child may have to attend catch up sessions (at an extra cost) in order to reach the required level for assessment.

Q. How do we know if our child has reached the required level?

A. There will be a formal assessment on the last session. At the end of this session the young people will be told if they have met the required standard or not.

Q. What happens if my child does meet the required level?

A.  Successful young people can then potentially book onto a Level 4 NICAS course (spaces permitting)

Q. If my child passess are they guaranteed a space on a Level 4 course?

A. No. Whilst we do our best to accomodate everyone, we cannot guarantee spaces.

Q. What happens if my child does not pass their assessment?

A. Anyone who does not pass their assessment can opt to book onto the next available course (£120) or book private instructed sessions (£60 per 1.5hrs).

Q. This course is full, when is the next one?

A. The courses run for 10 weeks from the start of each school term.

Q. If my child misses some sessions or chooses not to attend or I want to cancel will I get a refund?

A. No refunds are given from 72hrs before the course start date.

Latest Reviews

Fantastic, as always.
17th July 2017

Excellent instruction and feedback.
4th December 2016

6th July 2016

the course met my expectations. Thomas enjoyed his sessions and the greater responsibility of lead climbing has contributed significantly to his motivation to continue with climbing.
4th July 2016

It's a fantastic course. My daughters really enjoyed it. I don't rate it 5 stars because of the time (Sunday afternoons ). Otherwise, I strongly recommend it.
20th March 2016

all very good, thanks
20th March 2016

Well organised course amazing and enthusiastic staff- kids always smiling after their class
23rd March 2015