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Self Rescue & Problem solving


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Self Rescue & Problem Solving Course

Course Overview

We have developed this new course to help experienced climbers build the necessary skills to deal with problems that could typically arise at the crag and to become more self-sufficient.

If your partner or another climber in the vicinity has an accident, knowing how to get them off the crag or cliff safely and efficiently could save their life.

What’s covered on a Self Rescue & Problem Solving Course?

  • Introduction and understanding the equipment.
  • Recap on multi-pitch anchor building.
  • Building anchors using the rope. 
  • Counter-balanced abseiling 
  • Ascending a rope.
  • Abseiling pass the knot. 
  • Using an Italian hitch 
  • Assisted hoist 
  • Unassisted hoist  
  • Recap and conclusion 

We try to keep the scenarios on our self-rescue and problem-solving course as realistic as possible. For example, a climber may need to escape by ascending back up the rope.

Other examples of useful techniques will include the assisted and unassisted hoist. If you find yourself in a situation where your climbing partner has fallen off, setting up a simple hoist could save lots of time and anxiety. We will cover as much as possible starting with some of the basic techniques and building up to the more complex rope work and manoeuvres.

How many people will be on the course?

This course runs on a 1:4 ratio. 

How much will it cost?

The course costs £120 per person. and requires a minimum of 2 people to go ahead.

Who can do this course?

Due to the advanced nature of this course, participants need to be competent LEAD CLIMBERS and BELAYERS to take part. Anyone who books the course and is not able to lead climb and belay to a good standard will not be allowed to do the course and no refunds will be given.

What equipment will I need?

As this is a more advanced course for experienced climbers you may already have your own harness and helmet. Feel free to bring these with you if you prefer and we will be happy for you to use them if suitable. If you don’t have anything, we can provide it.

You will need to bring a packed lunch as this is a full day course.

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