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Taster Session

Want to try climbing under the watchful eye of a nationally qualified instructor? Why not try a taster session.

What is it?

A Taster Session is a 1.5hr taster of roped climbing and bouldering (climbing without ropes above crash matting).

Who's it for?

Anyone 14 years and above can take part in a taster session but under 18's must contact the centre (020 89800289) to get the correct consent paperwork. N.B. anyone under 18 who turns up for a session without the correct paperwork signed by their parents will not be allowed to take part and no refunds will be given.

What will I learn?

Strangley enough, not a lot. A taster session is just that, a taster. It's perfect for those people who just want to come along and have a go to see what it's all about.

If you want to actually learn how to boulder or understand the nitty gritty of how to climb with ropes then we recommend either a Roped Climbing for Beginners or Introduction to Bouldering course.

What will I do?

Your instructor will get you kitted up in your climbing gear and then you will spend time in our rope bay climbing with ropes. You will then try your hand at bouldering. It's the simplest and most accessible form of climbing and the easiest way to get into the sport.

What do I need to bring?

Climbing shoes and all technical equipment are included.  You just need to bring a £1 (refundable) for a locker and a bottle of water (or buy one when you get here).

What Should I Wear?

Basic gym wear is best. Please note that climbing walls get really hot in summer and a freezing in winter so dress appropriately.

How Much does It Cost?

The 90-minute session costs just £20.00 (please note that this does not include registration as a member of Mile End Climbing Wall).

What can I do after?

Once your session is over you are free to leave the centre. You cannot just stay on and climb in the centre. If you do wish to carry on climbing without the supervision of the instructor you must report to reception, register, pay your registration and climbing fees and undertake an induction tour (over 18's only).

When do the sessions run?

Times and days of the week vary so look through the list below and click on a session to book online.

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Latest Reviews

We had a fantastic time, thank you! Our instructor Nick was friendly and patient with us, and we learned a lot from him. Really enjoyed this taster session and would definitely like to climb here again!
14th July 2019

The instructor was very friendly and informative. The session went very well.
29th June 2019

Really friendly, knowledgeable and supportive instructor. Felt anxious but she was great and calmed the nerves! Registration process a ball ache.
16th June 2019

I loved every minute of it as a first timer to any sort if climbing. The instructor Georgia was so lovely and encouraging. Thank you
16th June 2019

Everything went well, really enjoyed myself, lots of options and lots to do. It really puts you through your paces. Only critique I'd have (which isn't really a critique at all) is to expand the space so even more people can try it out. Thanks for the experience, I'll be returning.
2nd June 2019

Amazing taster session, looking forward to coming back
4th May 2019

Being our first time climbing there is nothing I would have done better, I really enjoyed the Taster Session as we didn t have any particular expectation. the whole team was friendly and attentive..we ll come back soon!! thank you
20th April 2019

Great to try out rope climbing and bouldering in one session; clear instruction and supportive advice. It was really fun and I hope to be back in the future.
13th April 2019

Instructor made me feel at ease and helped me to go further but without any pressure. I loved the feeling of achievement.
7th April 2019