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Published in Blog - Routesetting on 13th February 2015

Blokfest 2015

Its just over 2 weeks until the final round of Blokfest 2015 hits Mile End, so heres a rundown of whats happening in and around the centre. The week leading up to Blokfest the Bloc will be set on Monday 23rd and the Slab being set on Tuesday 24th. There will be slightly less blocs set to accommodate the comp blocs set later in the week. Also we will not be setting any greens as these are all going to be stripped from the centre on Wednesday 25th as this is the colour of the Blokfest circuit. On Thursday 26th we are stripping the Comp Wall so it is ready to set the Blokfest finals on Friday 27th. On Saturday 28th we will be setting the full Blokfest tour throughout the centre so expect some disruption. We will be moving through out the centre area by area so please bear with us! After the actual comp on Sunday we will be re-setting the Comp Wall for a night set on Monday 2nd March as IRATA are in during the day time. The next few days will be spent recovering, but there will be plenty of blocs for you to come and try! With a new bloc and slab set the week before, all the Blokfest problems and a new Comp Wall set you will have over 100 new blocs to crush!