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Published in Blog - Routesetting on 18th March 2015

March Madness

Just over two weeks have passed since Mile End hosted the epic final round of Blokfest. For everyone that was there- what a day! A great vibe during the qualifiers and then the top nearly lifted off the secret garden for the finals showdown in the evening. Thanks to everyone who made it happen and everyone who came down and got involved. A few of the blocs are still up but will be stripped as each area gets re-set, bringing our green V2-V4 circuit back into the mix. Saturday just gone Mile End hosted the infamous Rock On boot demo, with the usual mix of great blocs and loads of different shoes for people to try out. Another classic event.

Things have been moving along swiftly on the setting front. Last week we set some extra lines on the new auto belay line in the rope bay, which is located on the stepped lead wall at the far end. On Thursday Liam 'The Hitman' Halsey joined us for two days of setting. First up was the Rock On slab, then on Friday Ned Feehaly came on board for the Karma roof set. Great blocs all round, so get involved! This week, we have set Trackside and today The Cave. On Friday we will be stripping most of the blocs from the Monkey Room in prep for the set on Monday. Ben West will joining us for this set- Team GB wad/setter/coach,  so no doubt this will be another classic set! Also due for a reset next Thursday is the overhanging lead wall in the Ropebay. The next Bloc/comp wall/slab set is scheduled for the week beg April 13th. More info to come on this in the next blog!