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Published in Squad Blog on 16th August 2016

Squad trip - Fontainebleau

Over the last week 15 squadlets went to Fontainebleau to try some outdoor bouldering and got to learn the difference between climbing indoors and outdoors. After a day of gettinig used to using tiny footholds and a lack of handholds everyone began to push themselves trying extremely powerful and techincal climbs. Luckily enough we had great weather which meant that we were able climb throughout the day and relaxed in the pool some evenings. Whilst we were there we were able to try some classic climbs such as Mary Rose at Bas Cuvier with many people managing to complete it or get very close.

A huge thank you to Mile End for organising this wonderful trip and the earlier trip to the Peak District and to the coaches that made both of these trips possible. 

Here are a few pictures from the trip.