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Published in Squad Blog on 7th August 2013

Welcome to the Squad

The Mile End Climbing Wall Youth Squad is for young people who are passionate about the sport of climbing. It's not all about selecting the best of the best it's more about taking the enthusiasm, dedication and passion they have for climbing and helping them to develop and progress in the sport.

The squad comprises of young people aged 7+ and comprises of 3 separate groups:

The Academy

Most young people start off in the Academy. This is where the coaches start to work with each young person on improving their climbing skills and abilities and assessing their levels and abilities.


This is the main work horse group within the squad structure. It is made up of young people who have progressed up from the Academy and who have started to push their abilities and train harder.

Performance Squad

This group is made up of a select, small group of young people who focus mainly on high achievement in competitions and have attained a level where they are climbing harder and pushing their abilities  to a higher level.

Although the main aim of all our squad groups is development of the individual young people it is also about teamwork and the positive aspects of working and belonging to a like minded group of people. We encourage the young people to take part in competitions both nationally and locally and we also try to make sure we get out on 'real rock' as much as we can.

We have a great team of coaches who look after the Squad members and who teach them week after week. All the coaches have different skills and abilities and each one brings their own unique slant to the squad.

How do I get into the squad?

Trials are held every 6 months. We'll advertise the date and interested young people can spend a day with our coaches as they put them through their paces.

Who's in charge?

Michal is the Head Squad Coach. He can be contacted here

How much does it cost?

Squad members pay £620 per year. This includes:

  • min 2 coaching sessions per week
  • Unlimited climbing at all times
  • Squad uniform


What level of commitment is expected of squad members?

As part of our squad we expect all the young people to make a minimum commitment in terms of time and effort. Each squad member is expected to attend 2 sessions per week (3 sessions for performance squad) plus at least one other personal climbing session in the week. Squad members are also expected to climb outside of squad sessions to improve their own personal climbing  skills and knowledge.