Gym Safety Information

Mile End has recently opened a gym facility which can be used alongside the climbing wall offerings. The information detailed below relates specifically to the gym space, not the surrounding climbing surfaces. 


The following information is intended to help you get started in the MECW Gym Facility, and explain how to use each piece of equipment safely. If at any point you are unsure about how to use the equipment you should talk to a member of staff at Reception.


  • Ensure you allow adequate working space between you and others when using the gym space.
  • Please wipe down all equipment and return it to storage when you are finished to avoid accidents due to trip hazards.
  • Put equipment away one and a time to avoid overcrowding and dropping items on other users.


Adjusting the J-Hooks

  • J-Hooks are used to hold the barbell safely in place and should be adjusted to the necessary height before performing your desired exercise.
  • To move the J-Hooks, twist them away from the upright and slide out the peg. Slot the peg through the desired hole and swing the J-Hook back into place.
  • Before loading the barbell onto the hooks, double check both hooks are at an equal height and properly situated.


Moving the Spotter safety rails

  • The safety rails should be used whenever appropriate (i.e. when using the rack for bench press, squatting, etc.).
  • To move the rails, lift the rail and angle it upwards to allow the peg to slide into the required hole.
  • Slowly lower the rail into place, pull out the spring loaded pin and lock it back into place to ensure the safety rail is secure.


Moving the Pull-Up attachments

  • The rotating pull up attachments on the outer racks can be moved to be varying distances apart from each other.
  • To move the attachment, pull the spring loaded pin out with one hand. Use the other hand to slide the attachment along the bar.
  • Once the attachment is where you would like, release the pin to secure the attachment into place.
  • Double check it will not slide left or right and the pin is properly in place before using. 


Using the Dip attachment

  • To attach the dip station to the rack, take out the silver holding pin from the back of the attachment.
  • Lift the attachment, angling the bars upwards to slide the peg into the desired height on the upright.
  • Lower the dip bars down until they are against the upright.
  • Insert the silver holding pin back into place through the two holes at the back of the attachment.
  • Use the two screws on the right side of the dip station to screw it firmly and securely into place on the upright.
  • Double check the station is sitting as it should before proceeding to use it for your exercise.


Using the Landmine attachment

  • Before using the landmine attachment ensure there is enough space for yourself and the barbell. 
  • Unscrew the screw-in pin at the entrance of the attachment, allowing you the space to insert your barbell.
  • Ensure you have screwed the pin tight against the barbell after it has been inserted.
  • From here, add any amount of weight plates you wish to from the rack.
  • Either secure these in place with a quick-lock collar or the landmine hande attachment before beginning your exercises.



Getting started 

  • Follow this link for a video from by Concept2 on how to get started on the rower.


Indoor Rowing Technique

  • British Rowing provide a helpful photo guide on indoor rowing technique here.
  • For more specifics on rowing technique, watch this video provided by British Rowing.



The gym area stocks a variety of weights of Dumbbells, Kettlebells and Sandbags which can be used for multiple different types of movements and exercises.

  • Please ensure that you leave a sufficient amount of space around you, and between yourself and others when working with the freeweights to avoid accidents.
  • Posters are located around the gym with more information and ideas about how to use these freeweights as part of your workout.
  • If you would like to research any movements you may also follow these links for ideas using Dumbbells and Kettlebells.



The Pulley Machine can be used for a large variety of exercises. The machine itself contains diagrams of the types of exercises that can be done using the machine and there will also be a poster on the wall which can be read for further inspiration on movements that can be achieved using this machine. 

Adjusting the height of the pulley

  • In order to adjust the height of the pulley cable, hold underneath the pulley with one hand and pull out the locking pin with the other hand.
  • Slide the pulley up or down to your desired height and release the locking pin so it clicks into place.
  • Double check the pulley has properly locked before using the machine.


Adjusting the weight on the machine

  • Locate the pin on the stack of weights inside the machine.
  • Pull the selector pin out of the weight stack.
    • Make sure you aren't pulling on the cable or there isn't a handle attached to the carabiner as the weight of this can elevate the plates and make it difficult to remove the pin.
  • Slide the pin into the plate to adjust the weight to the desired weight.
    • If you haven't used the machine before or are trying a new exercise start with a low weight.


Please be aware that to use the Gym Facility you will need to sign a gym specific form which will then be added to your climbing registration profile.