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Fun Climbing Sessions for Kids


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These sessions are simply what the title suggests, fun climbing sessions for children and young people.

They are perect for children who just want to experience indoor climbing under the watchful eyes of one of our nationally qualified instructors without having to be part of a structured course.

There's no specific structure to this session, it could be ropes or it could be bouldering or even a mix of the two. It's even possible the instructor may throw an abseil into the mix.

parents please note: This is not a course. These sessions are aimed at young people just wanting to climb and take part. If you are looking for a structured climbing course for young people you should look at our NICAS / NIBAS courses.

how long is the session?

Each session is 1.5 hrs long

how much does it cost?

Each session costs £15

How old does my child need to be?

The sessions are for children aged 7 upwards (anyone under 7 will not be allowed to take part and no refunds will be given)

Do I need consent forms for my child to take part?

Yes, each child needs to be registered with us. The consent form has to be signed by the childs Parent or Legal Guardian (not a nanny, child minder or other relative etc.)

Where can i get the form?

You can download the form here

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Latest Reviews

The instructor, Tom, was excellent. Nothing to be improved with the course. I felt that perhaps the website was not as intuitive as it could be to find the right course for a 7 year old.
8th March 2020

Instructor was great. Took a while to get climbing, could the shoes have been sorted before the start time.
16th February 2020

experienced instructors who established a good rapport with the kids Improvements: ensure all kids are fully engaged at all times even when its not their turn Make sure the kids apparel clearly marks them out from other climbers also using the facilities
10th February 2020

The instructor explained everything in a good level of detail and there are lots of different climbing walls.
7th February 2020

The course was perfect for our children. They enjoyed it so much that they can’t wait to do it again.
19th January 2020

The course was lovely, my son had a great time and was very excited about coming back in future. The instructions were kind and encouraging, a really great approach to make climbing fun. It would be great to have the sessions more regularly. A little more space in the rope area could be useful.
7th October 2019

Children engaged, good mix of activities. Atmosphere/mix of people is good but in rope area adult climbers almost hit child twice whilst abseiling down quickly as area is quite enclosed.
6th October 2019

Was a lot of fun
29th July 2019

My nephew loved the experience, a great and very patient instructor, there is nothing that could be improved. Thank you
23rd April 2019