NICAS Level 4


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Level 4: Lead Climber

At Level 4, young climbers will learn:

  • The hazards of lead climbing
  • Climbing ropes – types, uses, construction, coiling and maintenance
  • Knowledge of quickdraws and racking on harness
  • Warming up – mentally and physically
  • Lead belaying with appropriate belay devices
  • Holding a leader fall
  • Correct use of the rope whilst clipping running belays (back clipping, z clipping etc)
  • Efficient movement and clipping from rest
  • Clipping in and lowering off
  • Effective communication with climbing partner

Assessment criteria:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of rope types, their care, coiling and maintenance.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the hazards and risks of lead climbing.
  • Lead belay proficiently with appropriate selection of belay device.
  • Safely hold a leader fall.
  • Lead climb fluidly clipping all quickdraws correctly.
  • Improve lead climbing ability by one grade.
  • Complete 30 lead climbs at F5a(5) or above.
  • Complete 30 lead belays.
  • Complete 10 top rope climbs at F5c(5+) or above.

Latest Reviews

It is a great experience that motivates the kids and promotes crucial life skills. Confidence, concentration and responsibility as well as strength and balance. The mile end course is friendly and personal, delivered by people who love what they are doing. I have recommended it to local friends.
16th July 2019

All good. Nice sized group and clear instruction
20th May 2019

great personalised approach to my son's progress and achievement
3rd April 2019

The instructors are all really nice and friendly and my daughter enjoys herself every week
21st October 2017

My daughter has been climbing at mile end for years and never gets tired of it. She is really enjoying the level four course.
29th March 2017

great teaching and helpful centre
8th February 2017

My daughters are very happy with Carlos. He's a great instructor!
21st October 2016

WWW:I really like the level layout and how the grades work EBI:What we do in the lesson and how it's set out on
16th July 2016