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Published in Blog - News on 27th January 2020

Blokfest 2020

Blokfest is coming to Mile End Climbing Wall on Saturday February 1st*

Blokfest is five giant bouldering festivals led by world-class boulder setting at the premier league climbing centres in the South of England. Blokfest is here to capture all that is exciting, social, fun and challenging about indoor bouldering. It is a festival that has something for everyone from beginner to junior to climbing hero. You can come to have some fun and then make sure you find a good spectator space for a grand final or crush all day and then be in the final – either way you’ll have a bouldering session of your life!

This is how it works:

5 Blokfest events between October and February/ March each year

25 awesome boulder problems from really easy to seriously funky

An inspirational showcase final at each event 

Free stuff and great prizes at each festival day

DJ’s or live music at each event

Event Timings of the Day

10am- 1:30pm Junior Qualification
2pm- 5:30pm Senior Qualification
6:30pm- 7:30pm Showcase Finals

*please note, the centre will be closed for general climbing on the comp day. 

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