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Published in Blog - News on 1st July 2022

Our gym is now open

It’s here… our new gym area is now OPEN featuring equipment from Primal Strength. This has been one of the most asked for facilities in recent months and years - we are so excited to welcome you all in to the gym space. This facility can be used alongside the climbing areas for the same single entry price.

Want to know more about the gym and what it can offer you? Read on for answers to some frequently asked questions…

Why build a gym space and not more climbing surface?

Back in late 2021 and early 2022 when we did our customer surveys, we received so many comments asking for improved training facilities, free weights and gym equipment. This reflects the change in attitudes we’ve seen in recent years, as climbers dedicate more time to training, getting stronger, preventing injury, working on specific weaknesses and generally looking for gains by any means possible.

What equipment does the gym include?

  • Gym rack with barbell, pull up, dip and landmine attachments
  • Concept2 rowing machine
  • Freeweights – dumbells, kettlebells and sandbags
  • Pulley Machine
  • Resistance bands, foam rollers and more…

Why will this be good for climbers specifically?

The equipment we have chosen is adaptable to a wide range of exercises that allow you to train specific muscle groups for climbing. The equipment is also highly suitable for physio and rehab exercises as well as general conditioning. Due to the variety and adaptability of the equipment, you can tailor the difficulty to almost any level.

Any other benefits of having a gym?

We’ve left enough space to allow for warm-ups and stretching. We’ll be adding strength and conditioning classes with a qualified personal trainer in the near future. Clients visiting Cristiano for physiotherapy will be able to use the equipment during their treatment sessions.

Who is the gym suitable for?

The gym is suitable for all adults. Anyone aged 14 – 17 years can use the gym if supervised by an adult at all times. If at any point you are unsure about how to use the equipment you should talk to a member of staff. Everyone who uses the gym needs to complete a specific gym registration form, available from reception.

More information about using the gym is available on the gym safety information page